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Shhh….I’m Trying to Study

::running towards you…in slow motion. Arms extended..sappy music playing in the background:: It’s you…it’s really you!? My how I have missed you. It has been much too long. I am sorry. I have engrossed in studying a cool people slang dictionary (yes. There is … Continue reading

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Crossing Guards, Photo-Ops and Donuts

I will start to explain the title of this post with a picture. No. This was not staged. Yes…I compeltely and totally fell backwards in my chair. Go ahead. You can laugh. ::patiently waiting for laughter to cease:: Ahem ::clearing … Continue reading

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Monday after a Vaca

I have been on a little vaca. It was necessary in order to at least remember my name. I was a little worried for a while there. You should have been too. Worried. About my sanity. It was about to take … Continue reading

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Technical Difficulties

I would like to start today by further explaining the title of this post. When referencing technical difficulties, I am in fact, referencing my brain. My brain has malfunctioned. It has short circuited and lost everything that was on it’s … Continue reading

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Operation Change

Lets play a little game. True or False? My class from last year has a plan with the codename Escape to pre-k. It comes complete with a blueprint of how to accomplish their mission. Do something bad enough and their … Continue reading

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