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Trend of the Day: Polka Dots

My ode to Polka Dots:

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 9.34.11 PM

Let me explain:

So today I wore tennis shoes. ::giving you time to ponder what you just read…now giving you time to reread what you read to make sure you read it right:: Yep, tennis shoes. Or, more to the point, hiking shoes. Here’s why: changing my theme has started to feel like an uphill climb…a never ending,always seeing something else that I want to get done-wondering if I’m ever going to feel like I’ve completed the task, climb.

Today I set a goal I could reach. That’s what you’re supposed to do while exercising..set a goal that is within your ability to attain?

Sidenote: If anyone would like to explain to me this word “exercising”, that would greatly appreciated. Is it foreign? I hear people talking about it all the time. Is it a new fad? Hmmm…

So, my objective for the day. I had planned it out…written it down on my “Objective of the Day” bulletin board and was ready to get to work. I was going to make a skyline for my bookshelf. Easy. I had it in the bag.

Horrible bookshelf that needed to be covered…check. And by horrible, I mean bad. Really bad. Bad like the picture I found of my 10 year old self wearing a fanny pack. However, I bet my ten year old self knew where all of her things were. Is she had keys, she sure wouldn’t lose them and spend 10 minutes on a keys hunt. Hmmm….something to think about. Maybe I could make it a know, kind of like they made “fetch” a thing in Mean Girls. (Anyone who got that mark your good taste in movies taste self down some bonus points.)

Black bulletin board paper…check. Even better…it was free! Good ole school bulletin board paper. It’s like the perfect pair of nude heels…you can always rely on it.

Expo marker to trace with..check. Here’s the thing. I am obsessed with Expo markers to trace out shapes with. They have the perfect chiseled tip to make the most perfect straight line. Try it. You are welcome.

I got busy. I must say.. I was extra proud of myself. Setting goals. Accomplishing them. Until ::da da dummmmmm:: THE SPOT. Have I mentioned I’m a perfectionist? That I may..possibly…every so often.. get hung up on the most minute of a detail that my dearest friends will chant “let it go…let it go” in their best hypnotic voice?

Today it was me vs. polka dots. I had the bright idea that I would make my own pop art skyscraper. I can draw polka dots…I teach kindergarten after all. That’s kind of a pre-requisite. Must know how to draw polka dots. So there I was whistling away…dancing to the music I was singing in my head….drawing polka dots on my pop art skyscaper…feeling an overwhelming sense of “I’ve got this”, when my polka dots turned into pancakes. I kept thinking if I just traced the outside edge a little more I could fix it. I could find this..I could. Thirty minutes later I sounded like the Little Engine that Could. Retracing my tiny polka dots over and over again with each “I think I can.” Until I had no polka dot left. Instead I had one big pancake in the middle of my skyscraper. What was supposed to be a get in and get out day of productivity had now turned into a day of tearing down my skyscraper skyline twice just to fix a polka dot and not finishing.

This got me to thinking about those little ones we see in our classroom erasing over and over again…using up the precious little time that we have until they finally run out of time and haven’t finished their work. If I, as a grown up who understands time management (okay..this is questionable..I’ll give you that); if I can get caught up in trying to make something perfect, then my little 5 year olds certainly can. And doesn’t necessarily mean they are “wasting time.” If they are like me…they genuinely want it to be perfect. Not to say there aren’t those who waste time. You know the ones I’m talking about…you know. I’ve decided I’m going to come up with a solution for this and when I’ll do you will be the first to know…that is..unless I try to find the perfect solution and then we may just be waiting forever.  Loves and smooches!
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