Bloglovin Take 2..Because Everything Needs a Retake

TPT. Vegas. How could I not come back with all kinds of things to implement into my classroom….as well as the most fabulous purse to ever have been made. I even rearranged my suitcase just to pack the box my new purse came in. I am not joking…repacked.

So…I have list. I have them listed in terms of importance. Yes, they are color coded. List 1: Take blog a little more seriously than stories of falling off chairs and dancing on tables. (hysterically laughing) I mean come on…I can’t really do that. The whole take myself seriously thing…but I can join Bloglovin and that really was on my to-do list. A to-do list that was written in KG What a Teacher Wants font. Yes I can identify the KG fonts on sight..yes I realize I have an obsession and yes…my lists are typed. Does this surprise you? Okay..maybe it should surprise you that I can actually find the list..but typing the list? Not so much…that’s believable..kind of…maybe?

On this week’s typed list? Add pictures of my TPT experience..share with you the sellers that I totally fan-girled out on and their amazing stores…and update you with pictures on my never-ending classroom theme change. What was I thinking!? Best teacher friend rule#167 (Amy and Jill.. I’m talking to you) if ever your best friend decides to change their classroom theme after taking a year off, you are to loudly..assertively tell them no..calling in backup friends if necessary.

Check out my BlogLovin and check out my font yoda

About trendyteacher

Well...let's see...I think trendy teacher says it all. Trendy dress...trendy shoes...and of course keeping up on all the latest teaching trends. This is my 9th year teaching...and everyone of them in an LA-4 pre-k classroom. I what I makes me happy. And yes, I wear stillettos while doing it.
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