Ikea, Becky Bloomwood, and Back to School

Let’s play a game. I say a word..you tell me the first word that pops into your head.

Are you ready? Is your head down and are your eyes closed in concentration? This is a serious test..one that will greatly impact your world view. Okay…here we go…

Your word is….Ikea.

::staring at your with intense focus..anxiously waiting for your response::

Now, there are several words that come to my mind when I hear this word. Happy place, haven, love, swoon, field of dreams. However..if I am in teacher mode there is one word that stands out in my mind..CHEAP. I am a teacher, who loves to shop at Goodwill (or maybe Coach and Michael Kors, and MAC.. but those are special days…you know..like because it’s Monday and I remembered that my kiddos had to go to music at 9:30 or because it’s Friday and I actually got to work on time)  Cheap is my 2nd most favorite word..right after purse, shoes, Starbucks. Okay, maybe it’s my 4th favorite word. And then there’s the word Grey…okay, 5th favorite word.

Slight disclaimer: My ordinal counting may be a tad off…it is late. I worked in my classroom for 9 hours today. It is summer. My brain is slightly overwhelmed…this means my counting skills may suffer. Okay..so maybe the suffer even if I am completely rested and binge watching Netflix instead of working all day…hmmm.. let’s move on, shall we?

Cheap. Ikea. Teacher’s salary. I. Love. Ikea. It is a sacred experience for me. As I walk through the store I can hear babbling brooks…zen people saying “hummmm..” birds tweeting… I am in my happy place. As I strolled through the store I joyously placed things in my buggy. I picture myself as if I am Becky Bloomwood (if you don’t know who she is..read Shopaholic. Right now. Stop reading this and go read that. Go. You will laugh. You will relate. You will thank me) Picking up items as if they are the best, most fabulous thing I have ever seen. Needing each and everything I see. I had one cart. I needed three. As I unpack my goodies in my classroom I will share them with you. I will show you these bright and shiny trophies of my shopping victory.

Trophy number one: Magazine holders. 2 for 3.99. I will use these for my Daily 5 book boxes, my library book organizers, and my daily folder turn-in. Today I set up my daily folder turn-in. This is the place where my little ones will place their take folders each morning so I can check them, initial any parent letters and send them home at the end of the day. Here’s how it turned out.

Daily folder turn-in

While we are on the subject of where to put things..and admiring the word cheap…I also finished these today


Do you have those kiddos who go outside and collect rocks? Who come in from recess and ask you to look at the treasures they have hidden in their pockets? This is the place where we put those things. I found them at the Dollar Tree. Yes, I am that person who say “the Dollar Tree” instead of just “Dollar Tree.” I own it.

This is the place for my little ones to put their outside treasures, their treasure box toys, any letters or drawings their friends may make them, or the tape they peeled off of the floor and have now decided they need to take home and show their Mommy. These things go here. Our “safe place” is at the top of each little one’s cubby, and we clean them out each and every Friday.

Sidenote: My Safe Place tags will be available in my TPT store hopefully next week(as soon as my brain can focus on something other than setting up my classroom and counting down the seconds until school starts.) They will come in 3 different formats. Format 1: one number per basket. Format 2: two numbers per basket. Format 3: Names instead of numbers. You will also be able to purchase my superhero table numbers in my store as well.  Happy organizing!

Au Revoir Mes Amies (yep..I’ve added to my French vocab..nevermind that my husband is sitting right here and he had to A. tell me how to spell each word, and B. correct my word order… I’m totally taking all the credit.)

About trendyteacher

Well...let's see...I think trendy teacher says it all. Trendy dress...trendy shoes...and of course keeping up on all the latest teaching trends. This is my 9th year teaching...and everyone of them in an LA-4 pre-k classroom. I love...love...love what I do...it makes me happy. And yes, I wear stillettos while doing it.
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2 Responses to Ikea, Becky Bloomwood, and Back to School

  1. Erica says:

    As I read this I think… 1-I miss you.. 2-get out of my head! 3-I do not doubt for one second that you’re my soul sister 😉
    Love your face!!

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