On A Serious Note…

So I decided to participate in my very fist blog hop…and I must admit… I was nervous.

1- I cannot adhere to deadlines…I know this about myself. I own it. I have dear friends who are my constant date checkers. So what if one time I told them our conference was in Baton Rouge and it was in New Orleans. That happens all the time..right!? God love them for putting up with me.

2- My spelling and grammar must be perfection. Bloggers will be reading this after all. Real bloggers..who are professional, and smart, and have a following. Real. Bloggers.

The nervousness set in. I took a deep breath. I paced back and forth. Did I really just commit to this? I paced some more (this time in my favorite stilettos). I could do this. Surely I could do this.

The topic was Belief into Action: What are your education beliefs? I had to think on this. Ponder. It’s about to get serious ya’ll (ya’ll: southern slang for you all. I use it proudly.)

As educators I think we all have a deep-set knowledge that we are impacting lives. That our behaviors..our words…even our facial expressions directly affect a child’s life. This is not something that is taken lightly…even more so now that I am a mother. I think about my child and hope that when he goes off to school his teacher will love him like I do (yes, I am totally crying typing this.) With that thought, I realize that each and every mother who sends her child to my class hopes the same. I know that they are placing a great amount of trust in me. Trusting me with their most precious possession…their child. I do not take this lightly. I sat in my empty classroom and imagined it filled on the first day of school. What would be my hopes for my new class? What did I want them to experience? What did I want them to walk away remembering? Here is what I concluded..here is what I believe:

I belive.001

blog stalkingI hope you all have a wonderful, happy, fabulous school year! Go check out Shametria at The Routty Math Teacher (ahem: a real blogger) for her educational beliefs. They are inspiring.


The Routty Math Teacher

About trendyteacher

Well...let's see...I think trendy teacher says it all. Trendy dress...trendy shoes...and of course keeping up on all the latest teaching trends. This is my 9th year teaching...and everyone of them in an LA-4 pre-k classroom. I love...love...love what I do...it makes me happy. And yes, I wear stillettos while doing it.
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3 Responses to On A Serious Note…

  1. Hi Lauren! I love your blog! It is totally trendy and very creative! I enjoyed reading your beliefs. They are inspiring as well! And, thanks for the cool intro. That image would have been great for all of the blog posts. Is it available somewhere or did you create it? Best wishes for the new school year. What theme will you use? I’ve used the jungle theme and superheros theme before and loved them both!

    • Thanks Shametria! I love this whole blog hop.. It’s been great to see other people’s blogs, and I especially loved visiting yours! I made the image.. But please feel free to use it! I had a jungle classroom for 12 years and this year I’m switching to superheroes.. It’s the first time I’ve ever switched! Who knew it would be so much work.. I’m tired before school even begins!! Hahaha

  2. Lisa Robles says:

    Totally with you…kids deserve a teacher who makes learning fun!


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