Back to School Week.

First Day of school. Yes. I went shopping for a back-to-school outfit. So what if I may have bought 7 back to school outfits. I really think it should be back to school week anyway. Maybe I’ll work on changing that. Maybe..instead of just one day of new shoes I can extend it to a week of new shoes. An entire week of the excitement that comes with starting school. One day of festivities just doesn’t seem enough. I need a week of celebration.A week to celebrate that I am awake and out of my pajamas before 10:00. Back to school week. It starts today.

Spoiler Alert: Tuesday and Thursday are two fun-filled days of meetings! ::insert sarcasm here:: Result: No time to take trendy outfit pictures. Hold your tears please. There is no crying in fashion. Well, if you have an awesomely fabulous hankie…it may be acceptable.


Fav purchase of back to school week? Leopard belt. Express. Love it. Get one.

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