First Day Worries

The first day of school. Yes..I still stress about what to wear. Just like high school. Does that mean I’m still not a grown up? Wouldn’t a grown up not worry about these things? It doesn’t seem like a grown up thing to worry about. Outfits. ::shrugging::

I would have loved to take a super cute first day picture to post today. Posed perfectly. Perfect know…to make everything look just a little better. But seeing as how I do not think I had time to even reapply my lipstick today I’ll have to settle for a picture of our first day lesson. Now, I could post one of me singing and dancing. I’m sure it would all of my friends’ day to put a picture of me singing the tootie-ta. Not happening. You get to see one of me teaching. It is the best I could do. Lets all notice the shoes. They are the reason I got out of bed this morning. Love them.

One Response to First Day Worries

  1. Rocking those shoes love! Hope your day was wonderful 🙂

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