Snooze Button

So today I was schooled about time management by a 4 year old. I mean..I know I am lacking in these skills, but when a 4 year old tells you. This may be the time to begin working on things. It would be really great to have a personal reminder call…you know like a wake up call in a hotel. Ring. It’s time to do calendar. Ring. It’s time to go to P.E. ::pausing…thinking:: Oh wait…that’s called a school bell isn’t it. Hmmmm……maybe I’ll just try looking at a clock. Which is not my favorite thing to look at in the mornings. My alarm clock. I want to throw it through the wall. Pick it up. Throw it back through the wall for added emphasis. Instead I hit the snooze button. 10 times. As hard as I can. This morning instead of 10 times I hit it 11 times as evident by my fedora. Please take note of what we are doing. Our daily schedule. And yes, we stuck to it. You may all stand and applaud now.

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