Southern Girl Car Duty

I live in the South. It is hot. It is hotter than hot. Which, if there was sand and ocean in front of me instead of car drive and cars, I would not mind so much. I would not mind at all. I keep blinking my eyes hoping that the cement will turn to sand, and the honking of cars turns into the gentle sounds of waves…but it never happens. I have even went as far as to pinch myself in the hope that I just needed to wake up from my nap on the beach, but no. I’m here. On car duty. Sweating. And we have already learned that I do not like to sweat. There is nothing fun about this sweating. So…here is my attempt at making car duty a little less sweaty and a little more stylish. Putting my hair up in a fedora. And not just any fedora…a lace fedora. I mean..could it get any better? Well..actually…come to think of it….yeah, it probably could. I could be wearing my lace fedora in 75 degree weather. Ahh…wishful thinking coming from a southern girl.

Lets notice the look of concentration on my face. I was outwitted. By a computer. Uncool.

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