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Well...let's see...I think trendy teacher says it all. Trendy dress...trendy shoes...and of course keeping up on all the latest teaching trends. This is my 9th year teaching...and everyone of them in an LA-4 pre-k classroom. I what I makes me happy. And yes, I wear stillettos while doing it.

On A Serious Note…

So I decided to participate in my very fist blog hop…and I must admit… I was nervous. 1- I cannot adhere to deadlines…I know this about myself. I own it. I have dear friends who are my constant date checkers. … Continue reading

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Ikea, Becky Bloomwood, and Back to School

Let’s play a game. I say a tell me the first word that pops into your head. Are you ready? Is your head down and are your eyes closed in concentration? This is a serious that will greatly … Continue reading

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Superheroes and Scotch Tape

::falling into bed as though I have run a marathon:: ::now waiting for you to stop laughing at the thought of me running a marathon:: I. am. Spent. And not in the good know..from spending money while shopping at … Continue reading

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Bloglovin Take 2..Because Everything Needs a Retake

TPT. Vegas. How could I not come back with all kinds of things to implement into my classroom….as well as the most fabulous purse to ever have been made. I even rearranged my suitcase just to pack the box my … Continue reading

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THAT Spot!

Trend of the Day: Polka Dots My ode to Polka Dots: Let me explain: So today I wore tennis shoes. ::giving you time to ponder what you just read…now giving you time to reread what you read to make sure … Continue reading

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A Leopard Can’t Change It’s Spots…

But I can change my classroom! Backstory: I will preface this story with “please don’t be mad at me because I had the whole year off.. and also ::smiling with the sweetest face possible:: you’re my favorite.” So last year, … Continue reading

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Maternity Clothes, Punctuation Posters, and Grey!

::on my knees pleading for forgiveness:: I know it’s been much too long! Please, please forgive for my extended absence. My life has taken a very curvy road these past few years and I had to readjust my driving. Sharp … Continue reading

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