Morning Meeting

Each morning we gather around our carpet for our morning meeting. This is where we plan our day. We talk about our calendar…discuss the weather…pick our daily helpers..and write our morning message. We learn all about patterning…counting….print concepts…and essential language skills during this time.

Most of our morning meeting is done on our Promethean board…how I ever taught without it I do not know. But…here’s our calendar that we use throughout the day…to help us remember the date…review our rhyming words and our number of the week. I found it in LakeShore and am in love.

This makes my heart happy...

Hopefully one day soon I will become a tech expert and be able to show you a video of our morning meeting on our Promethean board….well….maybe that’s wishful thinking.

2 Responses to Morning Meeting

  1. Tasha says:

    Where did you buy this morning circle board?

    • Hi Tahsa1 I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I feel like I barely had time this year to go sale shopping at Marshall’s! I bought it off of I. Love. It! I hope this helps for the new school year!

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