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A Leopard Can’t Change It’s Spots…

But I can change my classroom! Backstory: I will preface this story with “please don’t be mad at me because I had the whole year off.. and also ::smiling with the sweetest face possible:: you’re my favorite.” So last year, … Continue reading

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What’s not to Love?

I have a confession. A confession that may not only shock you, but force you to look at me differently. Force you to see me though eyes that you never thought you would. I have been holding this confession for … Continue reading

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Shhh….I’m Trying to Study

::running towards you…in slow motion. Arms extended..sappy music playing in the background:: It’s you…it’s really you!? My how I have missed you. It has been much too long. I am sorry. I have engrossed in studying a cool people slang dictionary (yes. There is … Continue reading

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Officially no longer Lauren

At the stroke of 7:45 tomorrow morning my fairy Godmother will turn from Lauren back into Mrs. Williams. The time has come..the day here. Summer clothes on standby and teacher clothes front and center. For clarification purposes.. teacher clothes mean stilettos and … Continue reading

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Project Procrastination

I am at the point in my-getting-ready-for-the-new-year process where I want to click my heels together 3 times and my room is sparkly and new again…put back together and ready for the year. But seeing as how I have no … Continue reading

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