Classroom Organization

I am in love with organizing…. to some…maybe a bit obsessive. I love everything to have a place…and not only a place…but a picture to show you where its place should be. Girly…cute…organization bins and folders are a must for my desk, and fabulously jungle themed folders and cubbies for my lovies. I mean…why not be cute as well as organized!?

 Take a peek at some of the ways we have organized our classroom.

Pre-K backpacks are the complete opposite of organized…so…to help with this tiny problem we send home a binder each night. This binder is the survival kit to my classroom. I put everything in here…and I mean everything. This way…everything is in one place. No getting lost at the bottom of backpacks or falling out onto the ground.

The all important binder...can't leave the classroom without it!

 Insider our planner is where I glue…yes…glue our weekly newsletter. This way I can be sure that it gets home. Oh..and if there are super important days (picture due..etc) I’ll use my super-fantastic Dym0 label maker to make a label and place it in the planner as a reminder.

Our behavior chart and planner...

I told you...I put everything in this binder...class calendar and reading log are next.

Take home folder is next...this is where all of our important papers are placed.

Things you don’t see….our homework folder…our work to keep folder and our money bag (a page protector) for parents to place money in.

4 Responses to Classroom Organization

  1. logan says:

    How did you make that cover?? It’s too cute!

    • Thanks so much! Our parish has a wonderful Media Center, where teachers have access to free resources. Clipart…hundreds of dicuts…it’s really a teacher’s dream world. I used clipart to make the animals, and dicuts to make the rest of the background. Maybe one day soon I can get technology literate and scan my covers (I have 4 different ones) so you guys can print them out. Have a fab school year!

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  3. M. Hunter says:

    I need to take a lesson from you!! I am oh so unorganized! But I will get there!

    ~M. Hunter

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