A Tad More Organizing

My brain does not function unless everything has a place. Now..my husband may disagree…but my pre-k kiddos, not so much. My brain functions better…and so does theirs. When everything is order and routines are established I see rainbows and sunshine….the angles sing and Carlton Banks does his happy dance. That reference may show my age..but really who doesn’t love the Fresh Prince? I digress. Organization and routines. Two must have items in every pre-k classroom tool kit. Here are some of the ways in which our little jungle establish both.

In order to avoid chaos when lining up, tape a visual representation to the floor. This way…no confusion.

Can how I just point out how stinking cute the jungle outfits are!?

Next we establish supply routines. You know…so it’s not chaos when it’s time to work on a project.

For projects at our “work chair” we keep our crayons safely in our chairback in our handy dandy crayon holder.

Yes..they are color coded by their color groups. I know..I know…

For projects that we do on our learning carpet we keep a class supply of markers and crayons in our art center.  A shoe organizer and plastic cups…in pre-k world these items are marker and crayons organizers.

 While we are speaking of shoe organizers; here is another way we magically change their use. In our jungle we use it hold our reading buddies. Whenever my little loves are finished with their work, they can grab a reading buddy and read a book from our library.

I’m going to close today with the ting that makes me whip out my Carlton dance on a daily basis. My wall calendar. It makes me happy. It makes me smile. It keeps our little jungle in working order.

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