Workout? Please define.

I had a friend ask me today how often I worked out. After I had this friend explain to me what was this “workout” that they spoke of …and then after I stopped laughing at the thought of me sweating. On purpose. I began to think. Did I need to start this practice? Did I need to willingly submit my body to do things it cries not to do. I mean…if I wanted to sweat…wouldn’t I just go outside to car duty? No..I do not want to go run on a treadmill…to nowhere. No, I do not want to sweat. Voluntarily. This is not fun. The way I see it? I get a workout everyday. I run. (chasing my little friend, who still doens’t know where to line up, before they walk out of the cafeteria door). I jump (singing the good morning song..doing my best to not only wake up my kids’ brains..but also mine. Not a morning person. It is difficult). I do squats (bending down to pick up a little love who needs a hug or dropping it like its hot to the Silly Dance Contest). Last but absolutely not least…I work out my legs. By wearing stilettos. Yes..I think I like my workout routine much better than going to some stinky old gym. But cute gym outfits would be a plus. Hmmmm…..

So here is my workout for the day. Some fabulous Express heels that I bought this weekend. I heart them. Let’s all answer my mother’s question now: Yes I taught in them all day. No my I did not take them off. I know..I know…one day I am going to regret this.

Can we please also notice the leopard belt. Again I tell you…it is fabulous. Also from Express. Let’s all give Express a round of applause. For being fabulous. Always.

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