Fall has finally arrived in south Louisiana…my most favorite time of year! The air is cool…my lovies are starting to wear their sweaters…and I get to break out all of my favorite boots to wear to work! 

This week we are learning all about wonderfully delicious apples. We are going to be using all of our five senses to go on an apple investigation. We will discover what they look like…what they feel like…what they smell like…and even what they taste like!

But…first things first. To start this super fun unit we made apples to hang around our classroom. First we had to find our names on a leaf. Next we had to decide our favorite color apple…and finally we got to get dirty and fingerpaint! That’s always the funnest part! When we were finished…ta-da…we had our apples for our very own pre-k apple orchard.

Yummy in my Tummy!

After making apples for our apple orchard we played a game on our Promethean board counting how many seeds we inside an apple.

First we clicked to get our number..

to get our very own special number we had to roll the di…

then we had to count the dots and match the number of seeds on our apple to our very special number….

After we played our game, we made our very own apple with seeds inside…tomorrow we will show how super smart we are by counting them and making an apple book. Before we made our apple, we learned two very important positional words…inside and outside. Did you know they were opposites!? We had to be very careful to color the inside of our apple yellow and the outside of our apple our favorite apple color.

First we colored the inside...

Next we colored the outside of our apple....

Finally we put the seeds on our apple. Tomorrow we will count them.

Ta-Da...the inside page of our apple book.

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